Friday, February 17, 2012

Houba Plus 0.145 r4983 (update#2 24/03/2012)

A new Houba is available !

This new version is based on MamePlus 0.145 r4983 and includes :
- "Export_Gamelist" code taken from Mameppk build.
(usefull to export a special gamelist used by frontends like AtoMicFE for exemple)
- An optimised version of the "Skip_Nagscreens" code from MKChamp.
- A few PGM driver fixes.

And more to come... Enjoy !

Update 24/03/2012
- PGM driver update : DoDonPachi 2 and Demon Front are working (WIP from Haze).
Bee Storm / DoDonPachi 2 WIP
Demon Front WIP
- Support for "DoDonPachi - Arrange" (hack by Trap15)

HoubaPlus_x86_0.145_r4983 + bonus

HoubaPlus_x64_0.145_r4983 + bonus