Saturday, April 28, 2012

Houba Plus! (Plus! Kaillera) 0.145u7

2 releases this time :
* Houba Plus! 0.145u7 r5018 r5019 <= updated: fix was already included lol
* Houba Plus! Plus! Kaillera 0.145u7 r157

What's New :
- Option "Disable Mechanical Drivers" can be configured in the GUI (and is set by default).
- Added "Special mode" Dipswitch identification for ketarr.
- Ironclad resolution fixed to 304 pixels wide.
- 33% overclock setting for Pulstar

And more to come... Enjoy !


  1. The best way ever for my arcade cabinet.
    But what lang folder needed ? I tried the mameplus one but there is some little mistake in the menu with french language.
    whatever, Good Job again

  2. I hope this compilation keeps updating according to time!. With this I solved my problem to play online and having my ROMs up-to-day. Time goes by and ROMsets always keep updating, so please keep this proyect too.
    Is everything great, the only points I can review is the slow starting speed (but 15-20 sec. faster than MAME PPK) and the audit speed too. Great work! keep it up!!