Saturday, March 30, 2013

Small update: "Neogeo overclock"

Setting the Neogeo M68000 from 12 to 16 MHz has been reported to be not enough. Some games still had slowdowns with the 33% OC I gave to them...
So I've released this night an updated version with OC set to 24MHz!
So far, the few tests done were good, but... ;)

(and all links in the download page have been updated)


  1. I'm so glad to know this proyect is still alive. Even if it's a mayor or small update, knowing about HoubaPPK state just make me happy. Thanks for keeping it up!!. Downloading and enjoying!. Thanks!!. Cheers!

    P.D.: Just I wonder... is there any chances to fix starting delay in future proyect? is it normal or just me that takes about 1 minute to open?

  2. Thanks!
    But unfortunately Houba is dead years ago.
    The last time I've spent a lot of time, it was for the 0.141 version.
    But unfortunately MAMEUI has been broken after that...

    Now Houba, as it is, is only a little mod of mameppkui and it's not really something I like much...

    For the starting delay, are not now all UI mame versions like that?

  3. I have been encountering missing sprite problems in fuukifg3 driver in some recent releases of Mameppk and this HoubaPPK; but there's no problem in any regular Mame plus release. i'm hoping it's possible to fix that so it would happily play asura blade and the rest arcade games in a single emulator :)

    PS: I have only tested x64 binaries (which i prefer)

    1. Ok, thanks, problem solved :)
      Asura Blade is fixed, Enjoy!

    2. thanks a lot :) so the fixed one is in download section?

    3. Yes the links have been updated. ^^