Monday, October 17, 2022

ArcCabView MAMEUI(64) 0.248 with BGFX_Chain 2.2 by Aubrel
(ArcCabView's BGFX chain is a MOD of CRTGeom-Deluxe BGFX Chain by cgwg)

Changelog :
- aperture mask code changed to match the grill and to look like our ReShade's shader
- support for 2x2 and 1x1 slot mask textures (auto switch)
- native frame display support (with and without curvature)
- screen reflection on frame added
- frame size setting added (so you can change the frame image and resize according to the new one)
- curvature without CRT effect added
- better overscan support and offsets support added (so now you can resize and crop your games correctly :)
- many settings and details improved
- native overlay image support added (from 1.1 the overlay image alpha value is exponential)
- improved brightness and black dots render (1.1)
- halation effect improved to catch the screen dots and to look more realistic (1.1)
- big performance improvement (1.2)
- brightness, contrast, halation, reflection and overlay adjustements (1.2a)
- half-curv & half-frame added for 2 screens games (1.3)
- small typo in reflexion code fixed, curvature effect settings slightly reduced (1.4)
- moire effect reduced, frame reflection contrast improved (1.4a)
- many things rewritten from scratch, many small issues fixed (2.0)
- even more performance improvements (2.0)
- the overall display result should be improved (2.0)
- the previous annoying moire effect issue should be now fully fixed (2.0)
- the mask texture 1x1 is now used by default (2.0)
- many default settings updated and improved (2.0)
- CRT brightness increased (2.0a)
- small cleanups, impovements and adjustements (2.1)
- overlay texture removed and now simulated (2.2)
- frame texture size and code updated (2.2)
- some performance improvements (2.2)
- artwork's lay files updated by r0n1n (2.2)

Nota :
The 2.x version needs previous ArcCabView's 1.x setting chains to be removed from the folder "bgfx/chains/"
(to be more clean, they are now put in the "bgfx/chains/ArcCabView/" folder)
The chain setting "ArcCabView_Dot" has been removed (this is now the default "ArcCabView" chain)
The old default chain setting is now called "ArcCabView_Mask2"

BGFX Chains presets :
- "ArcCabView_Mask2" : it adds an alternate pixel effect (to use only with low-res games or with High-Res screens)
- "ArcCabView_ResX2" : it doubles the horizontal resolution and adds the alternate pixel effect (to use only with low-res games or with big High-Res screens)
- "ArcCabView_Flat" : it removes the curvature, the raster-bloom effect and the frame (good to use with multi-screens games)
- "ArcCabView_NoCurv" : it removes the curvature effect
- "ArcCabView_NoFrame" : it removes the screen frame
- "ArcCabView_NoCRT" : it removes the CRT effect and the overlay (but the curvature, and the frame are still enabled)
- "ArcCabView_HalfLeft,ArcCabView_HalfRight" : for 2 screens games, it will do half-curv and half-frame on each screen (artwork examples included for darius2d and warriorb)
- "ArcCabView_ThirdLeft,ArcCabView_ThirdMiddle,ArcCabView_ThirdRight" : for 3 screens games using corners and frame (artwork examples included for darius, darius2 and ninjaw)
- "ArcCabView_Neo304" : it fixes the display size for 304 pixels width NeoGeo games. Also it doubles the horizontal resolution and adds an alternate pixel effect.
- "ArcCabView_xxxx" : special game settings with overscan and offsets already set (mostly here as examples, do you own ones for other games)

The pack contains :
- ArcCabView's BGFX Chains 2.2
- A custom MAMEUI 0.248 build
- Some chain settings examples
- A few artwork examples
- Some pre-configured ini for a few games as examples

As this pack is already "set" please do a clean install!!!!
The folder "artwork/ArcCabView/" is requiered to get ArcCabView's BGFX chains working.

The custom MAMEUI(64) 0.248 build included features :
- No-Nag when "skip info" is activated (from MKChamp).
- CV1000 CPU 50% underclocked, blitter delay activated and set at 57%.
- Neogeo 304 pixels width games display fixed (hack from Arcade/FX build, doesn't work when using softlist)
- Neogeo CPU oveclocked at 16MHz (should help some games to run better)
- samsh5pf, samsh5fe and xeno (Xeno-Crisis MVS/Genesis) support added (driver and softlist)
- ffightae (Final Fight 3 players hack version CPS1) added (from HBMAME)
- ffightaec2 (Final Fight 3 players hack version CPS2) added (from HBMAME)
- halway (Progear Hack) support added (from HBMAME)
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mutant Warriors (SNES bootleg) support added (from MAME 0.249 WIP)
- PrimalRage2 patch applied (hack from Arcade/FX build)
- kovshp and kovshxas BGM fixed (hack from FinalBurn Neo)
- futari15bc, futariblc and futaribljc added (color hacks)
- ibaracs and ibarablkcs added (background color saturation hacks)
- xenocrisis, sksonic, sksonic2, sksonic3, jimpowern and irenademo added to megadriv softlist
- chaotixo "Sonic in Chaotix Hack Rev2" added to 32x softlist
- jimpowern added to snes softlist
- and a few other small changes...


Info / Support :

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Updated to r190 / r5071

Again, a very small update:

- Updated to MamePPK r190 / MamePlus r5071
(enhanced emulation in Oriental Legend Special[olds] and clones)
- Fuuki driver graphics fixed (Asura Blade & Asura Buster)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Small update: "Neogeo overclock"

Setting the Neogeo M68000 from 12 to 16 MHz has been reported to be not enough. Some games still had slowdowns with the 33% OC I gave to them...
So I've released this night an updated version with OC set to 24MHz!
So far, the few tests done were good, but... ;)

(and all links in the download page have been updated)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Houba 0.148u2 !!

Houba Plus! Plus! Kaillera 0.148u2 r189 is available !


New test version based on MAMEPPK 0.148u2 r189

- Skip_Nagscreens

- Option "Disable Mechanical Drivers" can be configured in the GUI

- No-Buffer Patch (lagless) by trap15

- Resolution fix for NeoGeo games running in 304 pixels wide

- 33% overclock setting for the following games (and clones):
  * Metal Slug series
  * Strikers 1945 Plus
  * Shock Troopers 2nd Squad
  * Blazing Star
  * Pulstar
  * Prehistoric Isle 2

- Refresh rate set to 60Hz for the following systems:
  * cps1.c
  * cps2.c
  * cps3.c
  * neogeo.c
  * pgm.c (cave)
  * toaplan1.c

- Support for these extra games:
  * "Bang Bang Busters" (NeoGeo)
  * "Treasure of the Caribbean" (NeoGeo)
  * "Ketsui Arrange 1.5" (hack)
  * "Ketsui Mr. Stoic" (hack)
  * "Ketsui Back Label" (hack)
  * "Ketsui Fast Label" (hack)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Houba 0.146 is now fixed !!

Good news: MamePlus r5028 has been released and the autofire problem is now fixed! 
So I've updated Houba with support for these new dumps:
  * "Bang Bang Busters" (NeoGeo)
  * "Treasure of the Caribbean" (NeoGeo)
(The pgm driver has also been updated with dw2001 and dwpc support)

Enjoy !

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Houba Plus! (Plus! Kaillera) 0.146

Houba is now updated to 0.146 versions: Enjoy !!

Only updated this time...

/!\ Update: There is an input bug in 0.146 version (mameplus related)
0.145u7 works just fine but you would have to delete all the ".cfg" files of the games launched with the 0.146 version.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Houba Plus! (Plus! Kaillera) 0.145u7

2 releases this time :
* Houba Plus! 0.145u7 r5018 r5019 <= updated: fix was already included lol
* Houba Plus! Plus! Kaillera 0.145u7 r157

What's New :
- Option "Disable Mechanical Drivers" can be configured in the GUI (and is set by default).
- Added "Special mode" Dipswitch identification for ketarr.
- Ironclad resolution fixed to 304 pixels wide.
- 33% overclock setting for Pulstar

And more to come... Enjoy !